We are problem solvers. We use our collective knowledge of insurance, real estate, environmental, and safety best practices to offer our customers a value added experience in the most cost effective manner possible.

Loss Control & Risk Management

Houston Elite Risk Management provides technical and consulting services to meet our clients’ risk management needs.

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Environmental Services

Houston Elite Risk Management specializes in investigation and remediation of contaminated properties, and in the assessment and management of environmental risk and liability.

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Environmental Health & Safety

Houston Elite Risk Management helps companies manage the full spectrum of EHS issues – both regulatory and operational.

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Industrial Hygiene/Occupational Safety

Houston Elite Risk Management assists clients to identify, evaluate and mitigate occupational and environmental health hazards.

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Marine Risk Control Services

Houston Elite Risk Management provides comprehensive risk control services and casualty investigations to the marine industry on a global basis. Our multidisciplinary approach combines human, engineering and risk management practices to reduce the frequency or severity of losses. With our proven system, you can expect that our work will be completed promptly, efficiently and cost-effectively. We will conduct investigations of vessels or cargo and get them moving as soon as possible. Upon request, Houston Elite Risk Management will make loss control recommendations in order to mitigate future losses.

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Security Services

Houston Elite Risk Management Partners with our customers to collect all the information needed for a complete site security survey. We identify all staff, facilities, and assets requiring protection. We work with our customers to develop a customized plan to achieve acceptable risk levels utilizing industry best practices.

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